Noh, nooh, noooh…..Noso Time!

Good morning dear readers! Today is the letter N day, and to get us in the mood to be healthy, I decided to show you some lovely pictures of the Noso Trail at Usery Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona. Come along with me and let’s go on a virtual hike! 😀






And if we look to the east, we’ll see…
The Superstition Mountains!

Well, dear reader, are you tired yet? LOL




Today’s post isn’t about a trail I’ve already hiked, but about a trail I’m hoping to hike this weekend!  If you’re familiar with these mountains…


…then you might have an inkling of the trail – that begins with the letter T – I’m planning on hiking.  Give up?  It’s the Treasure Trail at the Lost Dutchman State Park!  😀


Treasure trail is supposed to be about a 2.4 mile hike, and the trail description says it’s a moderate trail.  It also says that the elevation will change by about 500′ while I’m hiking, and that it can be completed in about 1 and 1/2 hours.  Apparently, Treasure Trail will take me right up to a rock formation called “Praying Hands”, but not to “Weaver’s Needle”.  I’m thinking that will have to be another hike…


Weaver’s Needle picture from Wiki Commons

I’ve been wanting to hike the Lost Dutchman State Park, because the Superstition Mountains fascinate me.  I live pretty close to them, and the feelings I get when I look at them change from day to day.  Sometimes they look foreboding…


…and other times they look like something from an old Star Trek T.V. episode!  Either way they look on Saturday, I’m hoping it’ll be an interesting hike!

Happy trails to you (I just couldn’t resist)!  😉

Noso Trail


Good morning, dear reader!  Today, for me, is a sad day after hearing on the news yesterday evening about what happened at the Boston Marathon.  The cruelty we humans can have, and inflict on others always astounds me.  😦


It’s so sad…, but does serve as a reminder that our days on this earth are fleeting – enjoy your life while you can.


I’m going to make this post short, as I’m sure there are other things that will require your time and attention this Tuesday.  Today’s trail is the Noso Trail – a one mile hike that actually requires you to hike an additional two and a half miles to get to it, and then get back to your car!  I wasn’t able to find out how the trail got the name, but it ‘s a moderate trail – which means there are places where the trail gets a little bit rough.  But the views make up for it!  🙂


Superstition Mountains


Lovely wildflowers


Saguaro cactus framed by an ocotillo

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