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It’s Friday morning, and that means it’s Friday Fictioneers time!  My submission for this week came in at exactly 99 words and is listed below. If you like flash fiction and want to learn more about Friday Fictioneers, here’s the link to their page for this week’s photo prompt.


The light beckoned to her. Donatella knew it meant trouble, but its siren song was proving to be irresistible. She took one step, then another, until she was almost close enough to touch it. Her dress fluttered around her legs in the breeze that always accompanied her. A faint smile played on Donatella’s lips, as she reached up with her hand towards the lamp, the light glowing warmly.

Footsteps echoed in the darkness, and the night watchman came into the pool of light. Everything was as it should be, just him in an empty studio. The silence was comforting.







Friday Fictioneers – Blue Door


Hot.  Sticky.  The air felt as though it held an entire ocean within its hand.    She stopped for a moment, looking around.  The note had said to look for the blue door, down a small alleyway.  But the note didn’t say which alleyway.  She had to find it, had to keep looking, keep searching. She jerked her head to look behind her at the sound of a footstep.  No….it couldn’t be him.  She had been so careful, had traveled by rooftops to avoid him.  Her heart began to race, and she took off running, her whiskers twitching and a single thought running through her mind…blue door, blue door, blue door.

Onward and Upward

Good morning everyone!  I’m late, but here – so that counts for something!!  LOL  Anyway, my Friday Fictioneers short tops out at 116 words. Sixteen words over, but I hope you enjoy the twist.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

Henry smiled with satisfaction, as he sat on the bench that ran the perimeter of the blip’s cabin and gazed down on the scenery below him.  “How tiny it all looks,” he thought. “The trees look like mere sticks, and the humans like those little black sugar ants that James was always complaining about.”

At the thought of James, the smile on Henry’s face grew.  He certainly wouldn’t be complaining anymore, stupid human. Such a shame about his accident – one should really make sure the door to a blip is fully closed.

Henry jumped down from the bench, padded over to the captain’s chair and leaped up onto it.  The first stage had begun….cats would rule!

Friday Fictioneers – Rainbow

Good morning!  I’m running behind this week – a case of too many things to do, and not enough time in which to accomplish them!  LOL  I would love critique on this short – not my best work – I knew what I wanted to say, but the words had a difficult time going down on paper.

Upon opening his eyes, Stanley looked in awe at the rainbow that arched itself over the other end of the forest and ran down into the very trees themselves.  The forest was beautiful, and he felt so lucky to live there!

Stanley stretched his limbs, yawned, and gave himself a good shake all over.  The air was cool, and the sky a vivid blue after last night’s storm.

For one brief moment the thought occurred to Stanley that he wished he could paint the picture in front of him, wished he could capture that moment in time forever.  Then Stanley gave a small laugh.  Whoever heard of a tree being able to paint like those odd creatures called humans!

100 Word Friday Fictioneer – A Poem

I actually wrote a poem this time – odd, since I can count on one hand the number of poems I’ve written in my life!  The Muse woke me up at 3am yesterday to write this.  Needless to say, I wish she would learn to TELL TIME!!!  LOL  🙂


In the depths of these ancient woods

While its animals are sleeping

Comes a softly lilting sound

Floating on the gentle breezes.



If your eyesight is very keen

And your step silent as the night.

You may see him in the clearing

The young man who plays his pipe.



He won’t be tall, this man in green

And looks so very young

Make no mistake though, who he is

This creature known as Puck.

100 Word Friday Fictioneers

A sigh was heard throughout the house.  Annabelle had seen the comings and goings of generations of the family.  She had thought she would live to see many more.  But she was old, and tired (or so they said), and no one wanted her around.  It was funny though, because Annabelle didn’t feel tired or old.  She felt like she had in 1936.

Annabelle sighed again.  Life was moving on, and she wasn’t going with it.  She had overheard Robert Junior talking to his wife (oh, how Annabelle hated that pushy woman!), and she knew that the wrecking ball would be coming for her.  Life as she knew it was over.

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