100 Word Friday Fictioneers

A sigh was heard throughout the house.  Annabelle had seen the comings and goings of generations of the family.  She had thought she would live to see many more.  But she was old, and tired (or so they said), and no one wanted her around.  It was funny though, because Annabelle didn’t feel tired or old.  She felt like she had in 1936.

Annabelle sighed again.  Life was moving on, and she wasn’t going with it.  She had overheard Robert Junior talking to his wife (oh, how Annabelle hated that pushy woman!), and she knew that the wrecking ball would be coming for her.  Life as she knew it was over.


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  1. dmmacilroy
    May 04, 2012 @ 12:18:55

    Dear Julia,

    A ghostly POV and a well told tale. Don’t sweat the 100 word limit. I follow it as a rule about three weekends out of four. This weekend was the exception. Sometimes a few extra words go a long way.





  2. tollykit
    May 04, 2012 @ 12:38:03

    Very sad but beautifully described. Loved the line ‘A sigh was heard throughout the house.’

    Here’s mine


  3. littlewonder2
    May 04, 2012 @ 12:43:01

    A story about the autumn years. It felt like the worn down setting in the picture was a metaphor for the character. But it was subtle enough that you really couldn’t tell.

    I like that. There’s something to be said for subtlety.



  4. readinpleasure
    May 04, 2012 @ 12:49:41

    Nicely written; afine take on approaching death without the morbid details. Mine is here: http://readinpleasure.wordpress.com/2012/05/04/fridayfictioneers-lost-without-you/


  5. Sandra
    May 04, 2012 @ 12:58:59

    Poor Annabelle. The vision of the wrecking ball went very well with the prompt photo. Nice one.

    Mine’s at: http://castelsarrasin.wordpress.com/2012/05/04/dysfunctional-friday-fictioneers-may-2012/


  6. rich
    May 04, 2012 @ 13:48:22

    the wrecking ball, a metaphor covering both the house and her. sad moment.



  7. Jonathan M. Wright
    May 04, 2012 @ 14:13:17

    The literal and metaphorical wrecking ball. I love that use of the word. Great job!

    Here’s mine: http://t.co/nH0gFGpK


  8. Kris Kennedy
    May 04, 2012 @ 15:36:56

    Well written, and sad…the bittersweetness of age.

    Here is mine: http://integrativethought.wordpress.com


  9. JKBradley
    May 04, 2012 @ 15:38:28

    Poor Annabelle.

    Here’s mine: http://thebradleychronicles.wordpress.com/


  10. teschoenborn
    May 04, 2012 @ 17:29:31

    Very interesting, like the twist at the end, Annabelle the house.

    Here’s mine: http://teschoenborn.com/2012/05/03/friday-fictioneers-the-gig/


  11. Gary
    May 04, 2012 @ 17:49:56

    Is Annabelle the house itself? Great going, certainly a novel take on the prompt!
    A little sad though…

    Mine’s this way, though it’s nearly 200 words this week:


  12. pinionpost
    May 04, 2012 @ 19:50:32

    A nicely built metaphor — well done! I get a strong feel for the character in this short space.

    Here’s mine: http://pinionpost.com/2012/05/04/renovations/


  13. V. L. Gregory-Pohlenz
    May 04, 2012 @ 20:18:06

    Life as she knew it–Loved that phrase. The older we get the harder it is to let go of the familiar. I’m glad the wrecking ball was just razing the house, though. I see Annabelle enjoying a few more loving years with her son with intermitant barbs from “that pushy woman.” 🙂 Nicely done.


  14. V. L. Gregory-Pohlenz
    May 04, 2012 @ 20:18:57

    Ohhh–forgot–you can find mine here:


  15. Lora Mitchell
    May 04, 2012 @ 23:32:38

    Excellent. You captured one of the saddest realities of getting older. When one realizes he/she no longer matters. And isn’t it amazing that there is always a mean, hateful daughter-in-law working behind the scenes to push the old parent (s) out of the way. Nice work. Here’s mine:


  16. rochellewisoff
    May 05, 2012 @ 11:43:14

    As I’ve said in another post, this so reminds me of my husband’s grandmother. Well done. You’ve truly captured the feelings. I can hear Junior and I want to smack him.


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